Klonopin (Clonazepam)

Generic Name: Clonazepam (kloe NAZ e pam)

Brand Names: Klonopin, Klonopin Wafer

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Klonopin is an antiepileptic medication used for treating panic attacks and seizure disorder conditions such as generalized tonic-clonic seizures (grand mal epilepsy), absence seizures (petit mal epilepsy), myoclonic seizures, and partial seizures. Individuals affected of epilepsy can buy Klonopin online and take the medication to overcome this condition in the long run. Clonazepam, the generic drug of Klonopin gets categorized under benzodiazepine class of medications. It accomplishes a positive impact in the brain chemicals and restores it to a balanced state, which if not go unbalanced and causes anxiety. One can buy the genuine version of this medication from exclusive Klonopin online pharmacy after verifying the credentials of the online pharmacist.

The Food and Drug Administration department of the United States approved generic Clonazepam in the year 1975 which is marketed under the brand name Klonopin by Roche pharmaceuticals. It is believed that communication between nerve cells happens through electrical signals. Seizures occur when there is an excess of electrical activity during the communication process in brain. Clonazepam works by impacting the nerve cells that are responsible for transmitting messages. Very specifically, it acts on GABA receptor which is considered to be a natural calming agent. It stimulates the release of GABA receptors through which it calms down the excess electrical nerve activity. Buy Clonazepam online from registered and licensed pharmacies based out of USA.

Klonopin Dosage

Brand Klonopin is available in 1mg and 2mg; where as generic Klonopin/Clonazepam is available only in 1mg. Klonopin is meant for long term use. It should be taken continuously for more than 9 weeks, so as to experience effective recovery. Generic Clonazepam comes in two forms; Tablet and Wafer (Orally disintegrating tablet). Tablets can be administered with water. With regards to an orally disintegrating tablet, follow the instructions as follows. Open the pouch, unwrap the foil that covers the blister. With dry hands open the blister, remove the tablet and place it in your mouth. Allow it to disintegrate with saliva, enabling it to be swallowed with water. Klonopin dosage varies drastically respective to individual’s health condition. Adults with seizure disorder should be administered with a dose of 1.5mg daily.

However, it can be increased in increments ranging from 0.5mg to 1mg depending on the extent to which seizures are controlled. The recommended daily dose should not exceed 20 mg in a day. Infants weighing 30 kg of body weight (Up to 10 years of age) should be administered klonopin in a range of 0.01mg to 0.03mg per day. This is to minimize the effects of drowsiness. Unless and until there is a proper recovery, the daily dose should be administered in divided intervals. If not, administer the largest dose at the end of the day. Order Klonopin online and administer the medication in infants as specified in the prescription label. While taking Klonopin, it is advised not to operate any heavy machinery or indulge in some dangerous activities, as Klonopin makes you drowsy. Consuming alcohol while taking Klonopin will worsen your sleepiness, and makes you fall asleep immediately.


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