Ambien (Zolpidem)

Generic Name: Zolpidem (zole PI dem)

Brand Names: Ambien, Ambien CR, Edluar, Intermezzo, Zolpimist

Where to buy Ambien online?



Ambien is the most preferred and widely administered medication for treating Insomnia condition. Perhaps, Insomnia is a medical condition wherein the people would experience difficulty in falling asleep and staying asleep. Insomnia can be classified as short-term or chronic depending on the intensity. The primary cause of short-term insomnia can be attributed to stress, illness, environmental factors and travel, whereas the causes of chronic insomnia are psychological and other physical conditions. Regardless of the nature of Insomnia, Ambien possesses the potential to treat this medical condition by impacting certain neurotransmitters in the brain. Over the years, there has been a steady increase in the number of people opting to buy Ambien online legally. This justifies the growing clamor for this medication. In fact, this sleeping disorder pill has treated an innumerable number of people and has offered some extraordinary relief from their insomnia symptoms.

Why is Ambien the best sleeping disorder medication?

Since the medication is a short acting nonbenzodiazepine hypnotic, it ensures that it binds to GABA-A receptor by stimulating the neurotransmitter GABA. In fact, GABA can be referred to as a prohibitory neurotransmitter that plays a very crucial role in slowing down and calming the activities of brain chemicals. The binding of GABA-A receptors happens at the same location which usually happens with benzodiazepines. When calmness is established in the brain, a person tends to sleep peacefully and is assured of less interruption during the course of a sleep. Ambien is very efficient in establishing calmness in the brain. The main component of this medication is Zolpidem Tartrate which has strong hypnotic properties, though structurally unrelated to benzodiazepines. The active ingredient present in the medication is known for its efficiency in maintaining sleep. It is also known to exhibit muscle relaxant and anticonvulsant properties. However, when an individual order Ambien online he/she should verify the nature of medicinal ingredient contained in the medication so that they can clearly distinguish between a genuine and fake medication. Read other popular blogs to know more about Ambien medication.

What are the variants of Ambien?

The medication is available as Ambien CR, Edluar, Intermezzo, Ambien and Zolpimist. Ambien CR is the controlled release formulation of Ambien which releases the active ingredients in phases upon consumption, thus ensuring the quality of sleep. In fact, this nature of sleeping pill is recommended for people struggling to stay asleep. Edluar is the Zolpidem Tartrate sub lingual tablets, which should be consumed by people who find it difficult to fall asleep. Zolpimist is the Zolpidem Tartrate oral spray which should be sprayed directly into the mouth. It is available as a cherry flavored solution. Every metered actuation i.e. one spray of Zolpimist is equivalent to 5mg of Zolpidem Tartrate. Irrespective of the formulation, one can buy Ambien online without prescription after ascertaining the dosage strength required to treat the medical condition. This can be done by contacting the medical representative available online through online pharmacies.

What are the Dosage strengths of Ambien?

Edluar sublingual tablets are available in 5mg and 10mg dosage strengths. Sublingual tablets should not be administered orally; rather it should be placed under the tongue and allowed to disintegrate. Ambien CR is available in 6.25mg and 12.5mg dosage strengths. Adults consuming the Ambien in Edluar formulation medication should take the lowest effective dose. The recommended dose of Edluar tablets for men is 5mg and for women it is 10mg. Ensure that you take the medication only during the bed time when there is a remaining of 7-8 hours before the awakening. The dose can be increased up to 10mg, if 5mg dose is not found to be effective. Elderly and debilitated people are highly sensitive to the effects of Zolpidem Tartrate; especially the clearance capacity is very low in them. Such people should not consume more than 5mg. With regards to Ambien CR medication, the recommended dose for men is 6.25mg and for women it is 12.5mg. Upon figuring out the nature of insomnia and the corresponding dosage strength one can buy Ambien online cheap from authentic online pharmacies which are registered and operating out of USA. Never consume Ambien CR along with other central nervous system depressants as it might cause some side effects.

How is Ambien absorbed from the body?

The controlled release formulation of Ambien showcases absorption characteristics which are biphasic in nature. It is quickly absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract through it tend to exhibit prolonged plasma concentrations even after 3 hours upon administration. The elimination half-life of Ambien CR 12.5 mg tablet is equivalent to that of a Zolpidem Tartrate 10mg immediate-release tablet. The major proportion of Zolpidem is converted into inactive metabolites and gets eliminated through renal excretion. Edluar, the sublingual tablets of Ambien are also absorbed rapidly from the body. Individuals who are consuming Edluar tablets to fall should not take the medication along with or immediately after a meal. The elimination half-life of an Edluar 5mg or 10mg tablet is 2.85 hours. Probably, you might wonder where to procure these medications. Well, all the dosage strengths of this medication regardless of the formulation can be procured from genuine online pharmacies that have showcased Ambien for sale. The prime advantage of initiating a purchase from these exclusive online pharmacies is that the medication can be brought at a discounted price in its virgin quality.

How long do the effects of Ambien last?

Ambien’s sedative effects can linger in the body for about 8 hours upon consuming the medication. The half-life of the medication is 1.5 hours. The peak plasma concentrations are attained in the blood within 30 minutes time. That’s the reason it is always advised to consume the medication only at the time of going to bed. The medicinal ingredients contained in the medication will be present in the blood only for a day or two. It can also be detected in urine samples for up to 2 days. Off late, irregular work schedules have affected many working men and women. Because of which many aren’t experiencing a proper good night’s sleep. When a person is unable to sleep properly for successive days, he/she can prefer to buy Ambien without prescription and get the delivery of the medication overnight.

Can Ambien be snorted?

Ambien should not be snorted at any cost. Generally, people snort the medication to get high or to experience the effects immediately. Upon snorting Ambien, you tend to bypass the original route of its digestion process indirectly increasing its onset process as well as the intensity. Of course, one will able to experience the effects immediately upon snorting because, while snorting the medication passes through the mucous membrane and then gets mixed with the blood stream directly. The resultant effect of which, the medicinal ingredients reaches the brain in a short span of time. Quicker the onset, faster is the disappearance of Ambien effects.

Precautions of Ambien

People who are affected by liver disease, kidney disease, sleep apnea, myasthenia gravis, and lung disease such as bronchitis, asthma, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease should consult the doctor before using Ambien. Older adults are bound to experience stronger sedative effects of the medication. Always purchase the pills after making yourself aware of the original medicinal ingredients that ought to be present in the medication. This in turn will help to identify to the veracity of the medication.


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